Sep 10 2022

Croatia squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup russia

By Yobo
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Although the Croatian national team was not established very long ago, it gave fans a big surprise, especially the eye-catching performance at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, so do you know the 2018 Croatia World Cup lineup? 


Croatia squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup russia

In the early morning of July 16, 2018, the World Cup in Russia came to an end, Croatia lost 2-4 to France, Mandzukic stole French goalkeeper Lloris to complete the goal, Rakitic offered a oolong ball, and the Croatian national team won the Second Place in the World Cup in Russia.

Croatia can achieve such a good result in the 2018 World Cup, inseparable from this strong team.

Goalkeepers: Dominique Livakovic (No. 1), Lovre Kalinic (No. 12), Danière Subasć (No. 23)

Defenders: Sime Vrsariko (No. 2), Ivan Strynich (No. 3), Vedran Giorluca (No. 5), Dejan Lovren (No. 6)

Tyne Jedwai (No. 13), Duye Chaleta-Carr (No. 15), Domagoi Vida (No. 21), Joseph Pivaric (No. 22)

Midfielders: Ivan Rakitic (No. 7), Mateo Kovacic (No. 8), Luka Modric (No. 10), Marcelo Brozovic (No. 11)

Philipp Bradalic (No. 14), Milan Badelli (No. 19)

Forwards: Ivan Perisic (No. 4), Andre Kramarić (No. 9), Nikola Kalinic (No. 16), Mario Mandzukic (No. 17)

Ant Rebić (No. 18), Marko Puyatsa (No. 20)

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