Sep 10 2022

Italian national team's previous World Cup record

By Yobo
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The Italian national team was founded in 1898, which can be described as a football national team with a rich history, so what is the record of the Italian national team in the World Cup, the Italian World Cup has won several times, and then let's take a look at it with the editor!


Italian national team's World Cup record

Italy World Cup wins: 4 times (1934 Fifa world cup in Italy, 1938 world cup in France, 1982 world cup in Spain, 2006 world cup in Germany)

Italy became the first defender of the World Cup in 1934 and the 1938 World Cup in France without losing a game.

1982 World Cup in Spain

Centre-back Gentile has successfully targeted Maradona and Zico in two consecutive games, and the golden boy Rossi also broke the goal drought against Brazil to score all three goals for the team.

In the semi-finals, Poland won 2-0 (Rossi scored two goals again), and in the final, Italy won 3-1 with West Germany (Rossi opened the record) and lifted the World Cup for the third time. Rossi is known as the top scorer with six goals, and the 40-year-old goalkeeper captain Zoff became the oldest player to lift the World Cup.

2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany

In the final, 90 points passed by Italy 1-1 France. In the first half of extra time, it was a 1-1 draw. Zidane made a stunning move in the second half of extra time, and was sent off for a red card for insulting Zidane's family and Zidane bumping into Materazzi. Zidane passed by the Cup of Hercules. After 120 points, it was still a draw. Play a penalty shootout.

Italy and France's top two players scored penalties, Materazzi also scored a penalty, and France's Trezeguet kicked the penalty up and down the crossbar without scoring. Italy scored a penalty when he reached his fifth player. Italy won the World Cup. Won the fourth World Cup title in the history of the team.

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