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From Manchester United to car endurance: the legendary life of legendary goalkeeper Batez

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Barthez Forgotten Men

For old fans, Manchester United and French goalkeeper Butters were definitely the talk of the era, and many mistakes earned him the title of "butter hand". But who knows, Butbats is currently considered a professional racing driver, and even participated in the famous Twenty-Four Hours of Le Mans.

In fact, Batez's football resume is quite dazzling.

He was the main goalkeeper for the French national team when he won the World Cup in 1998 and the European Championship in 2000. He also competed in the 2006 World Cup, after which he bid farewell to his national team career.

His club career has also been filled with the highest accolades. He was a member of The Marseille team, winning its first ever Champions League trophy in 1993 (although the French club's victory was overshadowed by a match-fixing scandal), winning two Ligue 1 titles at Marseille and then two Premier League titles with Manchester United in 2001 and 2003.okbet

Quirky can be used to describe Batez's style of play. In the game, whether it is receiving passes, one-on-one defense, or set-piece air defense, it will be 100% paid. He loves to make great saves and has been criticized for his lack of concentration in the game.

Batez's performance at Manchester United perfectly illustrates this assessment.

In 2000, United signed Batez for £7.8 million, which was the highest transfer fee for goalkeeper positions at the time. Batz is highly sought after by fans, with his signature saves and one-on-one defense well received.

That year, the Red Devils easily completed the Three Premier League titles, and then Batez's "magical" performance began.

Fabien Barthez Manchester United GFX

In March 2001, When United faced West Ham in the FA Cup, Batz went one-on-one with opposing striker Di Canio and the Frenchman raised his arms to signal offside and abandon the defence. Di Canio easily scored the only goal of the match.

Since then, Batez's mistakes have become more and more frequent, which has also ruined the team's good game in many Champions League matches, including against Deportivo Deportivo And Real Madrid.

In the summer of 2003, the intolerable United signed American goalkeeper Tim Howard, and Batz was sent back to Marseille.

In 2007, Batz chose to hang up his boots. The end of nantes came to an abrupt end in April, when several drunken fans met battz-driven cars outside the stadium, resulting in a fist-and-foot clash between the two sides. For Batez, it was the beginning of his offbeat career.

Batez's decision to enter motorsport was not an impulse. In the 2018 documentary Sports Brothers, he revealed that this was sparked by a conversation with former F1 driver Olivier Panis in 1998.

He said: "I've always been fascinated by motorsport, even when I was playing football. It has always attracted me. I wanted to understand what it was like to be in a car. I had to wait until the end of my career to try it. ”

"That said, it's not like football: even if you're 35, you can still be great, that's when I was retiring."


Batez began racing as a racing driver in 2008 and regularly wins titles at the regional level in France. In 2013, he won the French National GT Championship with Morgan Moullin-Traffort.

In 2014, he competed in Le Mans for the first time, finishing 29th overall, and has since competed in three more competitions.

"I know the track very well, the atmosphere and spirit there and I spent three months learning everything I could do. It's a passion, it's an obsession. ”

"Just like football, the pressure builds up during the preparation process. When I saw the venue, that feeling came back. ”

Bartez's Ins has a lot of pictures of racing cars and helmets. It also shows that racing is a cause that he will still love in the short term. If he can continue to invest in the passion and enthusiasm on the football field, then other racing drivers need to be careful.

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