Sep 10 2022

Glaris: I didn't run away from penalties I said I was willing to take the penalty

By Yobo
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Jack Grealish England Euro 2020

The Aston Villa group core was accused of evading penalties, which he refuted.

Jack Gralis dismissed allegations that he evaded penalty responsibility in the European Cup final.

England lost to Italy on penalties in the European Cup final and missed the title, although Kane and Maguire scored penalties, but Rashford, Sancho and Saka, who were third to fifth, lost them, and many people blamed Gralish after the game for not taking responsibility for the penalty shootout.

In response, Glallish tweeted: "I said I wanted a penalty !!!! The coach made a lot of the right decisions in this European Championship, and his decision was also correct in this game! ”

"But I'm not going to allow people to say I don't want to take penalties, I just say I'm willing to take the penalty!"

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