Mar 10 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo may stay at Juve but Chiesa will be the leader of Allegri's attacking end

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The Bianconeri may reluctantly let the efficient Portuguese striker leave the squad this summer, but Italy's European Cup hero is considered priceless by the club.

With Euro 2020 over and the boring season just beginning, we were once again overwhelmed by transfer news.

Therefore, it is always important to immediately distinguish fact from fiction.

Do Bayern Munich want to sign Federico Chiesa? Of course, who wouldn't want that? Bayern boss Julian Nagersmann has already expressed his appreciation for the Italian winger.

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Na Shuai told Bild: "I knew him early on and I think he's special because he often seeks one-on-one breakouts and his shots are fast. ”

But just because Nagelsman likes Chiesa doesn't mean it's really possible for players to move to Bayern.

The same goes for the rumors about Chelsea.

There are reports that the Blues are bidding 100 million euros for Chieza, but this is unfounded. According to club sources, the Blues have never seen Chiesa as a possible transfer target.

Chelsea's priority is to buy a centre-forward, and if the Blues have any blockbuster moves this summer, it will also be a striker.

However, the most important thing to remember is that Juventus will not even accept an offer of 100 million euros; For the Bianconeri, Chiesa is priceless.

And Juve has good reason to think so. In the Knockout Stages of the European Cup, Chiesa showed her best form and proved herself to be a world-class genius.

He scored key goals in both the quarter-finals and the semi-finals, and in the final he left England with a pain until he got his ankle injured.

The Milan Sport newspaper commented: "He will always be the lion at Wembley, the English people follow him and kick him, but until he is injured, the English people have not caught him." ”

"There's a strong feeling now that Chiesa will be a favourite contender for the Ballon d'Or and he's ready to take off."

Chiesa has always been considered a potential Italian superstar and, of course, he was one of the best performers at the 2019 Italy U21 European Championship.

But when he moved to Juve from Fiorentina last summer, there were also some skeptical voices.

Basically, the Bianconeri agreed to loan him for two seasons at a cost of €10 million, with the club having to pay another €40 million to buy out Chiesa in 2023, plus a floating clause worth €10 million in the deal.

Although the deal was structured to ease Juve's already overburdened finances, Juve star Claudio Malquisio also considers Chiesa to be one of the players his old club bought at a premium.

Malquisio's concerns are also understandable, Kiza is an exciting and talented talented player, but given the size and nature of Juve's squad, he has a clear question: Where does he play?

Pirlo's response was that as long as Chiesa could play, it didn't matter what position he played. Whether on the right or left, or even being asked to make cameo appearances at full-backs and take on more defensive responsibilities, Chiesa has excelled.

Cristiano Ronaldo contributed a lot of goals last season, but Chiesa provided breakthroughs and penetration, constantly leading the team's attack in Juve's most important games.

Nothing says more than the Champions League round of 16 loss to Porto. In the first leg, Chiesa scored a key away goal, while in the home match, Two goals in the second half dragged the game into extra time.

His heroic performance at the European Cup is therefore not surprising: this is a player who was born for big scenes.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo will remain in Turin, Chiesa is still the person Juve now needs to be used as the core of the team.

If this is a normal market, Ronaldo may have left the team.

Since his move from Real Madrid to Juventus in the summer of 2018, Ronaldo has been keeping his promise to keep scoring goals and boosting the Bianconeri brand.

However, Juve let him down and the club did not offer him a team capable of challenging the Champions League title. Indeed, in this sense, it is not surprising that the contract of the former sporting director Palatici expired after it expired this summer; There will always be people who have to pay for Juve's defeat in the European war.

Of course, Juve are calculating the losses that come with poor results, and Cristiano Ronaldo's departure will ease the financial pressure they face after a season without fans.

However, although the five-time Golden Globe winner has only one year left on his contract, in the current economic climate, finding a buyer for him has so far proved impossible.

Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, Real Madrid – none of these super clubs are currently able to pay a 36-year-old striker a salary of €31 million and a transfer fee of €29 million (a price Juve set to avoid losses).

Therefore, after a few weeks of uncertainty, according to the Milan Sports Newspaper, Cristiano Ronaldo has confirmed that he will participate in pre-season training on July 25 as scheduled.

Cristiano Ronaldo's return, combined with Juve's efforts to sell players like De Miral and Ramsey, means the Bianconeri won't have a blockbuster signing until the transfer window closes.

Now, the Bianconeri's primary goal is to beat Arsenal to sign Sassuolo midfielder Locatelli, which is an achievable goal for two reasons.

First of all, the former AC Milan star is a Juve fan. Secondly, and more importantly, he wants to play in the Champions League.

So, although Sassuolo rejected the old woman's first offer worth 30 million euros, the deal is expected to eventually be completed, most likely with one or two Juve players as a deal chip.

It will be a great value deal. Locatelli, as he proved at the European Cup, is an excellent all-around midfielder and his arrival will give Juve an exciting pool of young players.

Kulusewski may not be locking up a starting spot at Juve as quickly as Chiesa did, but the Swedish winger, as he demonstrated at the European Cup, has the potential to become a world-class player, while the 21-year-old De Ligt will only get better.

Whether Loccarly's addition will be enough to make Juve a Champions League challenger is unknown, but Allegri's return will certainly help.

Don't forget, when he first coached Juve, he led the team to the final twice in 2015 and 2017, and two years after leaving the coaching staff, he now seems to be back to life.

However, his job is not easy, as the Juve squad is very unbalanced.

Allegri is adaptable, but for now, the strikers under him are best suited to the 4-2-3-1 formation, which played a key role in Juve's 2017 Champions League final, but Juve's current midfield combination is better suited to a 4-3-3 formation.

Of course, after leading Italy to Euro 2020, Chiellini is likely to renew their contract with the club, and it is clear that Juve want to use a three-centre-back formation, which is the basis of their past success.

While there is still some uncertainty about Allegri's formation and Ronaldo's whereabouts, there is no doubt that Chiesa will be key to their success.

The Lions of Wembley are ready to become the leaders of Juventus.

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