Sep 10 2022

Maya Yoshida: The fifth Asian Cup title will be a big step forward for Japanese football

By Yobo
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Ma Yoshida also said that winning the Asian Cup will have important implications for Japan.okbet agent

Ma Yoshida also believes that for Japanese football and a young team that has not yet gained a foothold on the international stage, winning a fifth Asian Cup title on Friday will be an important step forward.

The Japanese captain and Southampton defender are at the heart of the young team's experienced base, which Mori hoichi took over since he was out of the Round of Sixteen at last year's World Cup

2019-01-30 Yoshida Maya Japan

Yoshida, 30, also told reporters that the success of the World Cup coupled with the victory of the Asian Cup will greatly enhance the image of the Blue Samurai in China.

"If we can succeed here, we can get more attention at home and it will also affect the sports culture in Japan," he said. ”

"I really want to win a fifth title for Japan because we're a good team with great coaches and teammates and I want to spend more time with those teammates."

'Now the team is changing and if we can win the championship here, it will be a big step forward for Japanese football."

Neither semi-final showed the best of Asian football, with Iranian players slamming the Japanese in frustration and fans of host Uae throwing debris at Qatari players.

Ma Yoshida also hopes that such an event will not happen in the final.

"We are labeled as uniting Asia, which is a very important benefit for all Asian countries, representing Asia and showcasing good football," he said. ”

"Tomorrow, I hope both teams can play with 100 per cent effort and fairness, play a great game and show the world how we play. This is another big step not only for Japan, but also for Asian football. 

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