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Who moved my cheese to see Qatar win the Asian Cup

By Yobo
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Coupe d'Asie China

Looking back at this Asian Cup, who would have thought that Qatar had conceded only one goal. Youth training + planning is the main theme of Qatar's football development.

Before the opening of this Asian Cup, Harvey, a former Barça star who is currently playing in Qatar, gave his prediction for this Asian Cup when he was a guest TV show, in his imagination: Qatar eliminated Taiji Tiger South Korea in the quarter-finals, sent Australia home in the semi-finals, and finally beat Japan to win the championship in the final. This was taken as a joke before the knockout rounds began, and we all felt that Qatar could not beat the powerful South Korean team – after all, in the 2018 Fifa World Cup In Russia Asian Qualifiers, Qatar was the role of the Chinese team "swiping" to get points.


But what people did not expect was that Harvey's prediction came true. Thousands of Japanese fans were silent, perhaps with wide mouths or hollow eyes rubbing their faces with their hands, and no one would have thought that captain Yoshida Ma, who made them proud from the bottom of their hearts, would also be repeatedly teased by the unknown young players in Qatar. Japanese coach Hoshiichi Mori may not have imagined that his proud disciples would get lost in the Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi, and remember that in an interview before the game, he "modestly" said that he hoped to bring the championship home with the team, but did not care much about personal records, hoping to celebrate the victory with all those who supported the team. So you have to do your best in the final against Qatar.

Obviously the Japanese team was not ready. In the 12th minute, born in Sudan, Africa, moez Ali, who was only 19 years old, scored a goal, Japan 0-1 Qatar. It's a barb world wave, and it's really wonderful, but what happened before? The 22-year-old Akram Afif crossed from the left under the noses of two Japanese players before the ball crossed two defenders in the penalty area, and Ali calmly barbed the goal with full adjustment, behind him was Maya Yoshida, who was wearing the captain's armband.

Almoez Ali Qatar 2019

In the 27th minute of the match, Qatar is next! Afif sent an oblique pass and Abdul Aziz Hatum scored into the far corner of the goal with his left foot from a long distance! We can see that it is captain Maya Yoshida who is struggling to block but cannot do anything.

In the 83rd minute of the match, Qatar sealed the victory! Inside the penalty area captain Ma Yoshida also defended the high ball when the handball sent a point, the referee then VAR reminded after watching the replay and awarded a penalty, Afif deceived the goalkeeper to easily hit the ball into the left! Japan 1-3 Qatar.

Looking back at this Asian Cup, who would have thought that Qatar had conceded only one goal.

Japan's changes are still underway

The 31-year-old Ma Yoshida also led the young Japanese team forward in the groping, and former teammates Shinji Kagawa and Nagatomo Yu have long left the eyes of coach Hoichi Mori: Yasuru Don, Kenhiro Fuan and other young players account for half of the team, in addition to the goalkeeper position, the Japanese team's lineup is trying to innovate young. In fact, not only the Japanese team, but also the Philippine team that came out early, the Chinese team and the Vietnamese team that broke the quarter-finals, all grew up in constant trial and error. Mori hoichi no doubt wants to change, but the little ones still need to grow up. Seeing Maya Yoshida last night, I can always think of Zheng Zhi. The change came a little suddenly, and it was a little suffocating fast.

Almoez Ali Japan Qatar AFC Asian Cup Final

Coupe d'Asie China

In fact, this is also the main theme of the Asian Cup. In the first round, the traditional powerhouse Australia was humiliated 1-0 by the unknown Jordan team, and for example, the host uae in the first round relied on a penalty gift to force a 1-1 draw with Bahrain at home, and the Indian team, which has always been known as the "fish belly" of Asian football, was able to score four goals in a row to crush the Thai team... Can't help but sigh: there are fewer and fewer fish belly teams. Asian football has been very different, which is the intuitive feeling given after all the matches of this Asian Cup.

Defensive counterattack wins the world?

In the final of the Asian Cup, the Japanese team had a full possession rate of 62%; 41 dangerous attacks in the whole game, three times that of Qatar; There were 13 corners, and Qatar's corners were less than that fraction. However, Qatar, which is very passive from the data, calmly won two goals against Japan.

2019_02_01_qatar_Abdelaziz HatimIn the world arena, strong teams playing defensive counterattacks is not a new thing, defensive counterattacks are a weapon to win, which is also learned by Asian weak teams. Dead? We can't jump to conclusions, but the results of the Asian Cup tell us that the defensive counterattack is booming. If Qatar seizes all the most threatening counter-attack opportunities in this game, the West Asian upstart can break through Japan's door at least five times.

The fastest way to change is to face yourself squarely, so that you can be relieved of the past and develop rapidly

Qatar has a permanent population of 2.64 million, of which Qatar citizens account for about 15%, about 400,000, but Qatar is not short of money. They addressed their shortcomings and solved almost all problems on a money-based tone.

Qatar U-19Goal/ Albert Christian

In 2004, Qatar spent a fortune to establish an athlete training academy in the capital Doha called Asbyl in order to improve the overall level of its athletes. This football academy, which was established in the desert, has since continued to supply football talent to Qatar. The Aspire Academy not only provides a full range of training and protection for young Players in Qatar, but also provides the opportunity for outstanding students trained by the Youth Academy to train and compete at a high level by holding European satellite clubs.

Moez Ali, Akram Afif, Assim Madibo, Tariq Salman and Bassam Lavi are from the Aspire Academy and are now the main players of the national team. Among them, 19-year-old Moez Ali single-handedly won nine goals in this Asian Cup, becoming the top scorer of this cup, breaking Dei's single Asian Cup scoring record. Tournament assists king Akram Afif also showed unlimited potential.

Bounedjah and Xavi Hernandez, in a Al Sadd gameThe Football Association gives clubs huge subsidies to bring in big stars to play in their own leagues, and big stars like Harvey will choose to come to this magical place at the end of their careers; At the same time, Qatar continues to plan South American players to increase the strength of the national team, and Sebastian is the star player among naturalized players.

Before the Asian Cup, Qatar won the Asian Cup at the same odds as the national football team. After the Asian Cup, Qatar jumped to fifth place in Asia. Qatar has spent more than a decade on the road of "youth training + naturalization". Today, they have won an Asian Cup. Three years later in the Qatar World Cup, qatar, as the host, will still take the Asian Cup player team as the backbone, and their performance is worth looking forward to.

In fact, the team most worthy of learning from the national football team is Qatar. Qatari football used to have a poor foundation and few talents, but they faced up to their own problems and solved them in their own way. If we think about the national football team, the age of the squad means a lack of talent, our league is not short of money, compared to Qatar, we have a large population.


Naturalized players such as Hou Yongyong and Li Ke are already in place, and the road to naturalization has begun to start, and the next highlight is youth training. In the next few years, Chinese football may be very painful, we have not had the Asian star players of Sun Jihai and Hao Haidong for a long time, we can only spend time and energy to cultivate, but we can't expect to get rewards immediately. It will be a long process, when will Chinese football be able to create a youth academy like La Masia or Asbyl that can continuously send good players to the country for the waiting fans? We look forward to the day when the Chinese team can go out of its own development path and return to the peak of Asia.

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