Sep 10 2022

Messi won the first major national team title of his career Opponent Neymar tearfully congratulated

By Yobo
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The Brazilian star wants to congratulate his friend on achieving a lifelong dream.

At noon today, Brazil lost 1-0 to Argentina in the Copa America final, after which Neymar approached Messi and gave the Argentine striker a congratulatory hug.

The former Barca team-mates are no longer playing together, but they are still close friends on the sidelines. So Neymar wanted to pay tribute to his opponent, although he still had tears in his eyes that he was not willing to lose, and then the two sat together on the court and chatted.

During the match, the Argentine defender's physical confrontation made Neymar play hard, while Messi won his first adult national team title.

Neymar Messi hug Copa America final

Di Maria broke through the Brazilian backline in the 22nd minute of the match and broke Edson's ten-finger mark. After that, Brazil struggled to create chances, with Richarlison almost equalising in the second half, but that was the samba's best chance of the game.

Brazilian centre-back Thiago Silva said: "First of all we have to congratulate the opponents, especially in the first half, who completely limited us.'

"There were no games in the second half, only Brazil wanted to play football, Argentina was just wasting time and we knew they would do that. It was certainly not an excuse for us to lose, we didn't do what we were supposed to do, especially in the first half. ”

Neymar has performed well in this tournament, scoring 2 goals and delivering 3 assists, but this is not enough to alleviate the pain of missing out on the title. Brazil won the Copa America in 2019, but Neymar did not participate due to injury and could only watch the team win the championship.

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