Sep 10 2022

Messi: Dedicate the Copa America to 45 million Argentines and Maradona

By Yobo
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The six-time Ballon d'Or winner continues to revel in the joy of winning his first national team title.

Messi dedicated Argentina's Copa America title to 45 million Argentines, as well as Maradona, who died last year.

Messi, who recently led Argentina to the Copa America title, the first national team title of his career, wrote on Instagram: "It's an incredible Copa America and we know we have a lot to improve, but the truth is, the players have given everything and I'm very proud to be captain of this fantastic team." ”

"I want to dedicate this championship to my family, who always give me the strength to move forward; My friends, I love them very much; All those who believe in us, and most importantly, dedicate it to the 45 million Argentines who have gone through such a difficult period because of the pandemic, especially those who have been personally affected by THE NEW CROWN. ”

"This title is for everyone, and of course for Maradona, and wherever he is now, he's definitely supporting us."

"In order to continue to celebrate, we must also take care of ourselves. Don't forget that there is still a long way to go before normalcy returns, and hopefully we can use the happiness that this championship brings to find some motivation to fight the epidemic together. ”

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