Sep 10 2022

Maradona Jr.: People who criticize Messi don't understand ball at all No one in history has ever been better than him

By Yobo
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Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona

Maradona's son recently spoke about Messi, who said the Argentine superstar was under a lot of pressure when compared to his father.okbet casino

Diego Maradona Jr. said Messi was under a lot of pressure in being compared to his father, saying the two were different players.

Messi recently led Argentina to the Copa America title, the first international title of his career, and now his status is finally on par with Argentina's legend Diego Maradona.

Maradona's son, who was delighted by this, told TyC Sport: "Diego is Diego and Messi is Messi. Those who criticize Messi don't understand football at all, and messi suffers a lot when they compare messi to my father. ”

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